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5 Tips on Creating an Effective Trade Show Display

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Thanks to advanced technology, creating your own trade show graphics has never been easier. When it comes to creating a trade show display, keep in mind that your images and messages should be simple and your layouts clean.

Below are five basic elements that every trade show display should include and tips for using each of these elements to create an effective trade show display:

- Visual

- Headline

- Description

- Company name & Logo

- Website

1. Select your trade show graphics carefully.

Simple, bold and clear images are the most effective in creating a memorable image. Mysterious and confusing art and graphics may be great to look at but can be distracting and much less effective as a backdrop for your trade show message.

Tip: If possible, select simple single images. You may want to use many images to tell a complicated story, but often, a single simple image will serve you just as well.

2. Create a simple and easy to remember headline.

Choose your words carefully, and keep the headline for your trade show display simple, clear and short!

Most people that did not plan to visit you at the show will simply walk past your booth. They may, at best, give your display a passing glance. This, believe it or not, is often your only chance to grab them. If your trade show display has a carefully thought out and compelling headline, they may choose to take an extra moment and learn a little more about your company.

The shorter your headline the larger it can appear on your trade show display. The larger it is on your trade show display the further your display can reach into the trade show traffic. Even a small table top display with a short bold message can be seen from several yards away.

Your choice of typeface is also important.

Tip: Choose a simple and easy-to-read typeface. Next time you’re at a trade show, take notice of the displays produced by large companies. Not necessarily large booths, but even table top displays produced by large and successful companies consistently use simple bold graphics. You can and should do the same.

3. Be careful when writing your description.

We know it's tempting to write a description for your trade show display that explains everything you want your customer to know about your product or service, but don’t!

As much as you would like them to, most trade show attendees will not want to spend much time reading about your company. If the headline and graphic of your trade show display captured their attention, they may want to read a sentence or two at most. Keep your sentences short and choppy. Make each word count.


  • Use bullet points
  • Keep your messages short
  • Don’t get too technical
  • Less is more

The key to creating an effective trade show display, whether a floor display or a tabletop display, is simple images and messages and a clean layout.

4. Make the company name prominent.

It’s a surprise of how many trade show displays seem to hide their company name. You pay a lot of money to exhibit. Take a little extra effort and make certain your company’s name is easy for all to see.

Tip: Place the company name in the header portion of your trade show display, as most trade show visitors will expect to find it there. As for a company logo, if you don’t have one, we suggest that you create one. It is your opportunity to create an impression. It makes you look established. Even an amateur can create a professional logo with free online logo creators.

5. Feature your website address.

Probably the single most important message in your whole trade show display is your website address. This is because if the show attendee saw something at your booth that interests them, they can copy your website address, even at a distance, and visit it at their leisure. If you don’t already have a website, get one.

Tip: Try to select a website name that is both meaningful to your business and one that is easy to remember.

Follow the five basic elements outlined above to make any table top display or floor display more effective at your next trade show.

We at Paradigm Display Solutions understand our fellow exhibitors, as we too exhibit at trade shows. We understand the planning and budgeting that goes into preparing for a trade show as well as researching ways to use our experience to better assist our customers. Please feel free to  contact us with your trade show questions or purchasing needs. We are here to help!!

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