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Acceptable image file formats:

Please ensure all image files are at least 150 dpi (actual size) if submitting for large format printing.

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • JPEG  (Ensure JPeg files are saved with Image Options set to Maximum Quality
  • EPS

**NOTE: If we are to enlarge your file to fit your required specs, the image will need to be saved at a higher resolution that is proportional to the “150-dpi-at-actual-size” rule of thumb. I.E., if you are submitting a file that is 12” x 18” and you require a 24” x 36” poster print, your file will have to be at least 300 dpi at the 12 x 18 size to accommodate the resampling during the enlargement.

Vector artwork:  (i.e., Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc.)

Please use vector based images for logos and other illustrated images in your layout, as they can be enlarged and/or reduced indefinitely while retaining sharp lines, clean edges and consistent color. Please save as CMYK EPS format when possible.

Please convert all fonts to outline prior to saving your files, as this will ensure accurate rendition of your files and avoid font conflicts. 
If you have placed images within your Illustrator or CorelDraw files, ensure that they are at least 150dpi at actual size (as described in the previous paragraph).

Page layout files:  (i.e., Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, etc.)

Paradigm accepts most conventional Page Layout applications for both PC and MAC platform. 
Please ensure all fonts, linked images and/or graphics are included during file submission. 
If possible we would prefer that files are exported as PDF files to avoid text reflow and/or missing fonts and/or images. When exporting your page layout file as a PDF, please ensure the PDF generator is configured to generate a PDF file for PRINTING and not for Screen Viewing only. Also ensure that all fonts, images, etc... are downloaded into the PDF file.


If possible, please submit a color laser proof of your artwork for our reference, and advise us if any spot colors need to match specific Pantone colors, etc. Colors will be close, but not exact, due to the nature of large format printing and the various substrates that are utilized.

Submitting Files Utilizing Removable Media: (CDs, DVDs, etc.)

If you wish to send your file(s) via removable media, please send to:

Paradigm Imaging Solutions • 3010 Red Hill Avenue • Costa Mesa CA 92626.

You will be notified when we receive your items and confirmed the disk contents. Removable media will be returned with your shipment of goods.

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